Giving up is not an option…

We have a syllabus at our gym and just as with school exams its easy to regurgitate information. The journey, the discipline, the values, the understanding and how you as a Nak Muay are going to contribute back to the art to keep its integrity is so much more important and often overlooked.

I’m currently 8th Kahn and I’m really starting to feel like I don’t deserve my grading. I have SO much to learn, so much to test myself mentally and physically before I even feel like I’m good enough to go any further.

I’m starting to feel a lifetime isn’t going to be enough to learn everything I want learn and be where I want to be (not surprising really as the art I’m studying has been developed over thousands of years) . I don’t think gradings are ever going to reflect that. I do however, appreciate the fact that it shows to others that I do have a level of understanding and am able to share that understanding. However, as I feel I will never know enough, I will always be dependant on those more senior to recognise where I’m at.

Motivation is great, but it comes and goes. On the other hand, discipline and willpower stick with you a lot longer. The higher your grade, the more it proves to others these qualities are evident within you.

Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about…

If you are doing it just to get status or 10th Kahn don’t bother you’re wasting your time. If you’re on this journey because you enjoy it and it’s in your heart; it’s a long emotional rollercoaster but worth every second and good things will happen.

A Kru Muay is a Nak Muay that never gave up



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