I hate running!

No big secret, I absolutely loathe it! But I am enjoying the benefits I won’t lie! For some reason for a long time I ran without listening to anything. Now I just can’t run without headphones! 

Big iPhone fan here. These 3 apps get me through:

  • Polar Beat
  • Spotify
  • Zombies, Run!

Polar Beat links up to heart rate monitor I own. Tells me what type of workout I’ve had and tells me if my running and fitness is improving. Also gives me a way of exporting .gpx data if ever I could be bothered to do some clever geeky stuff with it later…

Spotify: how on earth I lasted so long without  listening to music whilst running I don’t know. Ok the ads are a little annoying but even as a cheap skate I am happy with the free version

Zombies. Run! I installed this app today and seriously thinking of upgrading to Pro already!   It’s a story that’s played over any music you are listening to. As you’re running you pick up supplies, run away from zombies (what more motivation do you need?), collect things to bring back to base. I won’t say anymore spoilers but seriously this app is awesome! It also has training programs available.

Sometimes running just requires a little motivation… 

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