The first thing we need to do is download the spreadsheet. We can do that by going here – You can download both the 2003 MS Office version or the 2010 and onwards one from that link.

If you are using a Windows 8 system, then you’ll need to follow these instructions to get Ultimatcher to work:

  • Open Ultimatcher, but DO NOT allow Macros.
  • Press ALT-F11, to open the VB editor
  • Click on Tools / References (on the top menu)
  • Deselect ‘Microsoft XML, V6
  • Select ‘Microsft XML, V3’ (If you have a V4, this should be fine as well)
  • Click OK, then close the VB Editor
  • Save the workbook
  • Open the workbook, and this time enable Macros

Another point worth noting is that I have only known this spreadsheet work as it should do on Microsoft Office. Due to the sheer number of macros / vb stuff within the sheet it just doesn’t seem to play well with the likes of Open Office or Google Docs.

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