Lemmings in DHTML!

I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t played it with my own hands – but ‘crisp’; has made a DHTML version of the popular Lemmings game which means you can now play Lemmings Online (ok, you need a reasonably up to date Javascript and DHTML browser – but IE5.5 and later, Mozilla 1.3 and later and most version of Opera should support it). It’s even got in-game animations, passcodes and music (although no proper sound effects – so you’ll have to make your own “Oh no!” and “Yippee!” sound effects yourself). It’s absolutely brilliant and I just hope crisp continues to develop it as it’s amazing but still a bit short on levels (he’s converting the “real Lemmings levels” to Javascript versions so it could take a while – but he’s got 9 of the Fun’ levels, and 2 of the ‘Tricky’ levels done). Oh – it’s also open-source (under the GPL) so if you want to see how it works, you can: you can even make your own ‘forked’ version if you so wish!

Link: DHTMLemmings

Lemmings Passcodes


Only floaters can survive this: IJJLDLCCCL
Tailor made for blockers: NJLDLCADCY
Now use miners and climbers: HNLHCIOECW
You need bashers this time: LDLCAJNFCK
A task for blockers and bombers: DLCIJNLGCT
Builders will help you here: HCAONNLHCX
Not as complicated as it looks: CINNLDLICJ
As long as you try your best: CEJHMDLJCN


This should be a doddle!: HCENNONPDW
We all fall down: CIOLMFLQDU

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