Apparently Coca-Cola has various uses besides quenching thirst. Including:

  • As a cleaning agent:
    • Cleaning up old Coins to make them nice and shiny
    • Clean a loo
    • Clean copper
    • Remove chewing gum
    • Rust removal
    • Car battery cleaner – easily clean car battery terminals
    • Cleans burnt utensils – overnight coke bath
  • Accelerate the decaying process of compost
  • Control pests – slugs, snails and wasps are attracted to the sugar but then either die from the acid content or drown.
  • Lighten your hair colour
  • Create a funky fountain by adding Mentos to a bottle of Coca-Cola
  • Removes blood stains. Apparently some serial killers swear by it.

Although you can do this cool stuff with Cola, it does make you wonder what it does to your insides when you consume it!