Are you alone in the ring?

“You fight by yourself, but you didn’t get that way by yourself. It’s a team sport and everybody helps you get to where you’re at.”

– Nate Diaz

Surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded team mates has such an impact on your training and your performance (mentally and physically). Everyone has something to bring to the table no matter their skill set. Recently, I’ve had the privilege of training with people with backgrounds in different diciplines e.g. Sanshou, Karate. Each bringing their own slant on training. Attending a national Martial Art seminar taught me the importance of cross-training. Being open minded about what other disciplines can bring to your own training. Especially if what you can pick up can reside in the rules of Muay Thai. I firmly believe this makes me a more multi-dimentional fighter. No technique is going to be thrown exactly the same way by anybody.

I’ve also learned from people who are completely new to Muay Thai or martial arts. Being able to explain or break down a technique or question why we do somethings a certain way is important. The understanding is just as significant as the performance.

For me, this is a mental journey as well as a physical one. Surrounding myself with positive people in my journey to the ring determines my performance. People who want to see me succeed and who I want to help succeed. I have no time for people who disturb this equilibrium.

Whilst in the ring, it has the potential to influence the judges. I hope my team mates have a good set of lungs on them…

“Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul”

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