A night at Patong Boxing Stadium

This Stadium in Phuket was interesting to visit. The VIP and Ring Side seats occupied the main space of the stadium with just a few rows from the ring. All leather seats, it was almost like you were just about to go on a ride at a Theme Park. Which, to be fair, it was! These seats also meant you didn’t have to get off your backside to grab a Chang.

Just like the other Stadiums, the night started with everybody standing for the National Anthem. The prelims consisted of kids fighting, which actually some twisted part of me enjoyed watching more than some of the adult fights. More fearless earlier on in the fight; slightly less influenced by the crowd and still very technical.

There was a lot of farang fighters here too, Phuket seems to be a destination of choice for foreigners to train in Muay Thai and are able to make a name for themselves as they are often successful against native combatants but for sheer elegance and artistry you cannot beat two Thai top fighters in the ring.

Gambling is forbidden here but it blatantly goes on and nobody even tries to hide the fact it’s going on. If it wasn’t for this though, the place would feel like it would exist solely for tourists. The gambling went on primarily in the stadium seats.

Patong Fight Poster


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